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Our passion is to create a great family experience to be enjoyed through the years. We delight in helping you with getting the best out of your HiFi Stereo, getting into a home cinema and other improvements to your home.

Whether you are on a tight budget and are looking for quality entry level system or if you want to turn your whole house into an ultra-modern automated home with all the features money can buy, we can turn your dreams into reality.

If money is of no concern to you lets discuss what you desire. On the other hand if you are like most of us and want to maximize your experience and minimize you costs, then the following areas are of crucial importance:

  • Installing home cinema or a large screen TV
  • Building or extending
  • Installing home automation
  • Maximizing your home entertainment, lifestyle and property value

We believe you should consider Home Cinema and Home automation as long-term investment that provides return both in terms of enjoyment and capital improved value of your property. In order to achieve this for all situations we recommend the following approach be considered:

So why do we recommend this approach? Basically, there are two converging technology trends: Home entertainment/music/cinema and Home automation.

Home entertainment/music/cinema is a mature technology where the prices have come down and you can get very good products for excellent prices. You just have to figure out what you want and what is important to you.

Home automation on the other hand is at the beginning. There are many excellent products and solutions, but they are still very technology driven and may not add any value to your lifestyle. The market uptake is still relatively small, the prices are high due to the low volume and you are likely to spend significant money on solutions that you either don't use or that become superfluous over the next couple of years.

We are prepared to work with you to find your optimum home solution rather then pushing a costly solution that you may not use. By following this approach we can ensure that you get maximum benefit.

Below we will discuss some of the key considerations for each of the steps 1-4 above. (Please also refer to our Online Sales & Promotions site for latest product news, reports and case studies.)