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AI Home Cinema solutions is an independent Home Cinema consultantancy with a brief to satisfy your needs.

Our initial one hour consultation is free and this determines your needs. Our services provides the following:

  1. Turnkey provision and installation of one of our fully configured Home cinema systems at a fixed price including:

    - Design and specification signed off with you
    - Products
    - Installation
    - Commissioning
    - Training of everyone in the family
    - Personalised after-sales service

  2. Custom designed installation

    - Consultation & design. Design signed off with client. Output is a design and specification. Charged per hour
    - Optionally: we can provide the equipment or the client can buy directly from retailers
    - Installation and commissioning. Fixed price as per quote or on an hourly basis
    - After-sales support and training.

  3. Pre-wiring for the future using structured cabling.
    - Pre wire you home with LAN for home automation and networking, Internet, Cable TV, Audio & Video outlets.