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Sangean Electronics Inc. is one of the world's oldest and largest manufacturers of Multi-band Portable and Pocket-size Radios. Sangean has been a leading authority in the field of radios throughout the world since 1974 and has 520 employees, factories in Taiwan and China, sales offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA and the Netherlands (for European market).

With the aid of the newest technology, Sangean manufactures digital and analogue high-quality World Receivers, Pocket-size Radios and time-controlled Kitchen Clocks and Radio Alarm Clocks with an unrivalled sound and reception quality coupled with an excellent design. Sangean distinguishes itself in the world market by combining technology and precision with quality and its orientation towards the needs of its customers. Most electrical distributors, dealers and radio specialists have Sangean products in their range. Since a number of World Receivers have BFO control for receiving SSB (Single Side Band) and CW (Morse Code) transmission, Sangean also has a large market share of the marine sector. Sangean World Receivers with SSB can be obtained from all good Nautical and Marine shops.

Thanks to this eye-catching characteristic, Sangean is the fastest growing market leader of radio equipment. Add to this the pleasant customer service and the reasonable guarantee conditions and it is clear why customers choose Sangean.

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