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We specialize in creating the best home cinema experience your money can buy.

Properly integrated in your home the cornerstones of the home cinema still are:

  • The sound system
  • The large screen picture
  • The DVD player
  • The (invisible) cables and wiring

We provide a large range of equipment, models and brands.

  • Home Theatre Systems
  • Receivers
  • Amplifiers
  • DVD players
  • Digital Set Top Boxes
  • Speakers
  • LCD and Plasma TV's
  • Projectors and screens
  • Programmable remote controls
  • Complementary products like AM/FM radios and antennas
  • Computer equipment

And much more! Please check our Online Sales & Promotions site or contact us for a quote on a specific product of your interest.

We at A-I Home Cinema Solutions understand and appreciate that we all have different needs, priorities and budgets. Our passion is to help you through the sometimes very confusing process of purchasing a solution that is just right for your own requirements. We do this by together with you identifying your own priorities and then designing a solution that maximizes the performance based on your budget requirements and the most suitable products on the market.

How can we do this? A-I Home Cinema Solutions is an independent Audio & Video consultancy and we take great pride in remaining totally independent, thus we have no alignment to any particular range of products or manufactures when offering a solution. This in turn allows us to always offer the best valued products for the budget allocated, rather than solving the solution within the constraints of a limited product range. Ask us about examples!

We believe a great home cinema experience is for everyone! Do you think it is out of your budget range? We can help you create that fantastic home theatre experience in many ways without blowing a tight budget, by recommending a good value out-of-the-box home theatre package or proposing an economic and efficient upgrade of your existing HiFi and home theatre equipment.

Here are some examples of good value solutions:

Under $10002)

Samsung HT-TQ85: DVD Home
Theatre System 1000W RMS,
HDMITM In & Out,







Under $25002)

Jamo DVR-50: Dolby Digital DTS
DVD Receiver Jamo A305PDD Speaker
System comprising:5 x A305 Satellites
and 1 x A3SUB.1 Active Subwoofer


Please check our products & prices or call us or contact us on 03-93820366 for more ideas on good value complete home theatre packages!

Complete Solutions!

Using the best products available in Australia we have also designed three complete reference packages for different needs and price points which we will integrate, deliver, install and commission for fixed prices:

The prices are subject to site inspection

All of the packages include as a minimum:

  • Projector and screen alternatively large screen LCD/Plasma
  • DVD player
  • 5.1 HT amplifier, FM/AM radio and speakers including subwoofer
  • Infrastructure cabling & wall plates for speaker and projector wiring
  • High Quality cables, interconnects and speaker cables
  • Installation
  • Commissioning & family training
  • After-sales support

The packages can be upgraded with the following components:

  • DVD recorder
  • Digital free to air Set Top Boxes for Standard definition and High definition TV
  • Range of LCD, Plasma & CRT TV's
  • Range of furniture for stands and shelving


Full personal after-sales guarantee!

After-sales support free:

  • Personal
  • Training, instruction
  • Tuning
  • Problems fixed
  • All our products are from official Australian distributors and are fully warranted as per relevant statutory regulations and manufactures warranties.
Call us anytime for questions

2 Subject to change

3 Subject to site inspection