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Digital Radio Plus (DAB+) in Australia

"Digital Radio Plus" is the Australian marketing name for digital radio broadcasts using the international standard DAB+.

The service is currently being launched in the state capitals throughout Australia. In principle all currently licensed commercial broadcasters, ABC and SBS are launching services using this technology. A number of products are already available and we at A-I home Cinema currently offer Sangean's range of DAB+ radio's.

From a users point of view the immediate benefit will be a much better quality of reception for AM broadcasters programs if the same programs are also broadcasted as Digital Radio Plus.

As a potential user of these services you should ask yourself a number of questions before you decide to invest in a radio for Digital Radio Plus services:

  1. Why am I considering a Digital Radio Plus receiver?
  2. How am I planning to use it?
  3. Will it work where I intend to use it?
  4. Is the price right?
  5. Should I wait until Digital Radio Plus is available where I want to use it or just go ahead an purchase a normal AM/FM radio?
  6. What should I do if it will take many years before I can receive Digital Radio Plus?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions please contact us now. We have the expertise to clear up these and many more questions thus enabling you to take the most appropriate decisions for your particular situation.

We can explain:

  • and provide an overview
  • Digital Radio Plus (DAB+)
  • What DRM is
  • Government policies and what they mean to the listeners Metro and rural
  • Reception issues
  • Antenna requirements
  • Etc etc.

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