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Are You looking for AM Antennas?



Do you want improved interference-free AM Reception?



C.CRANE's Twin-Coil Ferrite AM Antenna is the perfect solution!


We have carried out some very exciting tests of C.CRANE's Twin-coil Ferrite AM Antenna. In our tests the AM radio reception has improved dramatically with this antenna. This is the perfect product whether you are living in a country area or in the city and need to improve your AM radio reception on your favourite radio station. Also, if you live in a bush fire 'prone' area and need stay in touch with the situation on critical days, this Sangean AM antenna will assist.

So what makes this antenna different?

First let's have a quick look at the various options for AM reception.

Except for the C.CRANE twin coil ferrite AM Antenna there are basically three techniques for building AM antennas:

  1. A long wire. Any wire will pick up some signals but for AM the wire is supposed to be at least 20 meters long, copper cable, thick - heavy gauged, multi-stranded and hung more than 2.5-3 meter up in the air outdoors (as much as possible away from any electric  noise). Whilst this antenna will provide excellent AM signals the disadvantages are obvious; not everyone have the possibility or want to hang a long wire outdoors; this is also a stationary solution, you can't take it with you; and lastly it cannot be hooked up to radios with built in antennas unless an external antenna connection has been provided for.

  2. A built in ferrite AM antenna. This is also a neat and effective solutions as long as the signal strength is good enough and the radio can be turned somewhat in order to maximize the signal strength. The main disadvantage here is that it is built into the radio and the antenna will only pick up AM signals from the environment where the radio is placed be it electrical interference or fading signal strength. Another thing to note is that many radios with built in antennas do not have a connection for an external antenna thus preventing the hook-up of a better positioned wire or loop antenna.

  3. An AM loop antenna hooked-up to the radio. The most common loop antennas are those that come with a tuner or if you purchase them outright for $10-$20. They usually consist of a square frame app. 100mm * 100mm with a thin cable wound around the frame. this forms a coil that is well tuned to the AM band. The drawback or issue here is the same as for a long wire; unless the antenna is place high up and away from any electrically noisy environment it does not pick up enough signal strength to make the AM listening pleasant. The other issue is that size do matter - for this type of antenna to be as effective as a 20 meter long wire the frame needs to be bigger say 0.5meter - 1 meter and doesn't look so good in the lounge room or the kitchen. They are also hard to come by unless you are technically minded and can make one yourself. There are professional made coils available but prices are also usually 'professional'. Sangean F5 AM Antenna kit

The C.CRANE Twin Coil Ferrite AM antenna maximizes the signal strength and is as good as a long outdoor antenna wire or loop antenna but is unobtrusive. The antenna can be hooked up to ALL radios and tuners with AM reception, even radios without any external AM antenna connection. The antenna can be powered with a 9 volt battery or from the mains. It is possible to place the antenna section close by or 30 meters away outdoors depending on where the signal is best. The basic kit comes with a 1.5 meter cord to the antenna. This can be extended using standard PS-2 cords available from us or from specialist computer shops. Contact us for more information about this great C.CRANE antenna or check it out in our online shop